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Welcome to the world of organic henna!
Why don't you go on a journey to pursue the original beauty of hair?
Of course, henna is dyed with gray hair,
You can see various effects by going on a long trip.

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What is henna?





What is henna?


The plant name is Henna

As for henna products, we handle eco / veda eco-veda from CNP of India.

India CNP (Cultivator, Natural Products, Limited Private Co., Ltd.)

Recognized as the highest peak of Ayurweda educational institutions in India.

Possess a PhD in medicinal botanical science from the National Graduate School of Ayurveda, Gujarat, India

CHP, led by Tarn Prajati, owns its own farm, its own processing plant and its own laboratory.

In the hair color sector of organic herbs, not only organic certified income from all over the world

Boasting a track record of successfully acquiring fair trade certification (the world's first in the cosmetics genre)

It is a very rare company in the world.

I am quoting from here.

Henna and Himalayas


When I was 30 years old, when I first entered the Tibetan cultural sphere, I felt the real "beauty".

It was a shock with a world view that was 180 degrees different from what I had expected.

At that time, I didn't know what to do, so I kept going to the mountains to balance it.

Almost 20 years after that, I still fall in love with the Tibetan cultural sphere, especially Dolpo.

In March 2020, I came back from Dolpo wintering 122 days,

I met the real henna "eco veda" and linked it to "Himalayan" for the first time.

I felt like it was finally self-sufficient.

Real beauty, the "beauty" taught by the Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet was here.

The mountain in the photo is Zo Carpo Can (6556m),
The hair style is Sharpy knitting, wearing a carpo, and Dolpo's traditional hairstyle.

Shar is "hair", Pee is "knit",
Carpo is a pattern of vertical stripes on the rock wall on the north wall of Zo Carpo Can.

It is a classic female hair figure with 108 knitting as many as the number of worldly desires.

The hair below the color change seems to have been passed down from generation to generation.

It was woven like an extension in modern times.

Did it actually start from the hinterland of the Himalayas? !!

* I want you to experience the effect of henna, so

For the first time, we recommend the henna first course.

Please make a reservation 3 times in a short period of less than 1 month.

Short 20,900 yen ~ (tax included)
Medium 22,000 yen ~ (tax included)
Long 25,300 yen ~ (tax included)

* 1000 yen off for those who come to Henna within 30 days

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2021 Henna Workshop by Kaname Morita

4/19 (Monday) 13: 00-16: 00 (Dolpo.BC or Amrita / Chihayaakasakamura)

6/21 (Monday) 13: 00-16: 00 (Chihayaakasaka Village)

9/20 (Monday) 13: 00-16: 00 (Chihayaakasaka Village)

Kaname Morita: Representative of Lakshmi kamidoko Co., Ltd.

2021 Kaname Morita x Kaoru Inaba Lecture

4/26 (Mon) Hotaka Shrine (Azumino, Nagano Prefecture)

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