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Dolpo BC

What is Dolpo.BC ...
A 10-minute walk from the entrance to Mt. Kongo in Chihayaakasaka Village.
Focusing on Typhoon Bunko, mountain books, mountain cafes, mountain cuts, hiking planning,
Himalayan office, Himalayan inn, lectures, workshops, etc. Adult mountain base from Chihayaakasaka village.
Somewhere lodge style during Himalayan trekking

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DBC access

★ Get off at Kawachi-Nagano Station on the Nankai-Koya Line

Nankai Bus From Kawachinagano to Mt. Kongo Ropeway Bus Timetable
Get off at Chihaya Ohashi

"Mt. Kongo Hiking Ticket" is 340 yen discount!
From Namba ¥ 1,670 (train + bus round trip)

★ Get off at Tondabayashi Station on the Kintetsu Nagano Line

Kongo Bus Timetable from Tondabayashi to Kongosan Ropeway
Get off at Chihaya Ohashi

Access from the bus stop

Follow the riverside road that leads to the village opposite from the Chihaya Ohashi bus stop for about 400m.
Cross the third bridge along the river and go up a narrow road for about 30m to the right to reach DBC.

Access to the parking lot for cars

Please search at Chihaya Ohashi.
Proceed 300m from Chihaya Ohashi and use the parking lot where the radio tower of the mobile phone is installed on the right side. (Third)
Look at the bamboo grove on your right in the direction of Kongosan Ropeway, and after about 15m, go down the narrow road beside the building to your right.
After passing about 3 houses in front of the private house, it becomes a T-junction and 30m down to the right to reach DBC.


Dolpo pioneer, late Sadao Yoshinaga , late Yasushi Onishi ,
And books on mountains, trips, polar regions, maps, ethnology, mountain people, rocks and snow, etc., given by the late Mr. Koji Mizutani.


What is Typhoon paperback ...


Sadao Yoshinaga

Joined the Mountain Club in 1957
1959 Osaka Mountain Association Japan Alpine Club, Japan Nepal Association, each member

1966 Canada-America-Mexico vertical mountain climbing (7 months by car)
1971 Osaka Prefectural Regiment West Nepal, Kanji Roba Himal (outward caravan 35th, first ascent of Tsuokarupo Kang)
1977 Osaka Mountaineering Association, West Nepal, Kanchune Mountaineering Corps (Mr. Yoshinaga could not climb to Kathmandu)
1997 West Nepal Kantei Himal Reconnaissance (Jumla-Mugu)
1998 West Nepal (Mugu-Namjara-Tibetan border-Simicot) 2000
2000 Torbo region (Simicot-Border pass round trip-Narakankar peak)
2001 Mustang (Jomsom-Ranchun Chorten-Romantan-Chiazon Gongmpa-Unnamed Peak)
2003 Torbo region (Jomsom-Sanda-Tskarka-Sardin-Shagonpa-Alanikochuri peak, BC-Pokhara)

September 1968 Kitadake Buttress Central Ridge, Ⅱ Peak German Route
1967 Kitadake Buttress Central Ridge, 3rd climb in midwinter. Shakujodake avant-garde face
1965-70 Participation in Mt. Hotaka, Mt. Kasagatake, Mt. Ontake, Mt. Fuji, and Mt. Fuyu

1975 "Himalayan Pilgrimage" David Snellgrove Hakusuisha
1979 "My Mountain Everest Tenjin Autobiography" Malcolm Burns Hakusuisha
1990 "Mountain World" Doho Publishing Co., Ltd.
1998 "Beyond Peak First Ascent" Nakanishiya Publishing Nicholas Clinch Yakushi, Yoshinaga co-translation

1990 "Dolpo" Eiyoshi Otani Longing for Torbo (commentary)
"Children of Kanji donkey" Ichiro Yoshizawa Collection of Kouki "Religions in the Torbo region" Japan Nepalese Association
Other / many

1977 World Mountain Map Series Gakken, West Nepal, Mt. Kanjilova, Torbo, Mugu region, many contributions

Others "Kojitsu Sanso Traffic" Top / Bottom, Oga Ji, Nakanishiya Publishing, Publishing Support


Yasushi Onishi

Members of the Japanese Alpine Club, Japan Alpine Club, Japan Nepal Association
Himalayan Club India

Born in Tennoji Ward, Osaka City in 1942, he has been active as a member of the Osaka Mountain Association since he was a university student.
1966: The first overseas mountaineering was the vertical mountaineering in North America, which took about a year to ban the mountaineering in the Himalayas of Nepal. In the year of $ 500 liberalization, Canada has four Robson South Walls, Assini Boyne West Walls, Sir Donald East Walls, and Bugaboo Rock Peaks. Entering America, the east wall of Whiteney,
Climb to Mount Reigner, South Teton Wall, Yosemite Nose Test Climb, Wyoming, Colorado Boulder and 3 other Mexican seats.
I bought a car and moved all the actions. The difference from the selling price and the gasoline cost were transportation costs.
1971-1979: Enjoy trekking by being involved in the two Kanjilova mountaineering teams.
Walk Anna, Lantern and Khumbu every year.
1980: Ramdongo (5925m) from Rollwarin,
Parchemze (Parchamo 618 m).
1981-1983: Immerse yourself in rock climbing and ice climbing in Insbon, Sonimbon, Soraksan, and Kumsusan in South Korea, and visit Korea dozens of times on weekends. First retrogression in Umata, Azusa Minami, Tamayama, Taiwan.
1984: First ascent from the north wall of Khumbu Robje West (6065m).
1985/86: Japan-Korea joint winter Tauche (6495m) northeast wall Japanese route (distress accident).
1987: Defeated Gasha Blum I Peak (8068m), Lupu Chury (Tent Peak 5663m).
1988: Dhaulagiri I peak (8167m) northeastern ridge (defeated).
1989: Sagarmata (8848) Deputy captain to Southeast Ridge Normal.
1990: Imja Tse (Island Peak 6165m) Winter season.
1991: Climb Mont Blanc (4807m).
1992: Participated in Cho Oyu (8188m).
1993: Severe winter Ama Dablam (6814m) and Kuomb trekking.
1994: Lantern Ulkinman (6161m) First climb on the north ridge.
1995: Manaslu Normal (8163m) defeated.
1995/96: Reconnaissance of Nampa La (5741m), Pasan Lam Churee (7351m) in the midwinter.
1996: Pasam Lam Churee (Cho Awi 7351m) First ascent from Nepalese side
1997: Kanti Himal (6859m) reconnaissance in the Mugu region, West Nepal, and the first ascent of 6135m unnamed peaks and 6328m peaks on the border.
1998: Same as above, crossing the south wall of Kanti Himal (6859m) (defeated) and the Humura region, and climbing the northwestern peak of Chang La (6150m) for the first time.
1999: After the first ascent of Yemerunkan (6024m) on the border in the Torbo region, go to Mugu and cross the no-man's land south of the border to Jumura.
2000: First ascent of Narakankar (6062m) and Changwatan (6125m) on the northwestern border of Humura.
2001: First ascent of the southeastern wall of the unknown peak (6270m) west of Tsarran, Mustang, and a visit to all Gompas.
2002: Mustang Himal Alanikochurie (6034m) First ascent on the west ridge and Sulliven (6321m defeated).
2003: Tulagi peak east side (defeated) and Pungi (6538m) southeast wall reconnaissance. First ascent of the north wall of Torbo, Norbucan (6008m) in summer. Shei Shikar (6139m) is eliminated. Yemerunkhan (6024m).
2004: First ascent of Pathumham (6529m) and Ganzonkan Iwamine (6123m) on the Tibetan side of Torbo, followed by a pilgrimage to Kubi Tsangpo and Chemayundon Tsangpo source inflow valley at the headwaters of Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmapura). (JAC Kansai Corps)
2005: Pubkkan (Kangata 6244m) at the head of the Tamur River from Trek on the north side of Canchi, East Nepal
After being defeated, he crossed Rumba Samba (5690m), scouted around the Kimatanka (2248m) pass, and descended the Alm River.
2006: Elucidation of footprints by 1900 diary of Kunizakai Pass, 5th visit to Kun La (5411m), and Ekai Kawaguchi after a pilgrimage to Mt.
2007: First climb to the north wall of Kantega (Chamzoo 6060m) around Upper Torbo and Shay. Iriya from Brigandaki to Shar Cola.
Time runs out just below the summit of Phuchen Himal (6049m), the head of the border, and reconnaissance on the west wall of Tulagi (7059m) over Larca La.
2008: Despite challenging the new route on the west wall of Tulagi, he was eliminated 3 pitches below the top ridge. Joined the Yeti Search Team (Yeti Project Japan) on the southeastern ridge of Myagdi Mata (6273m) from the summer, and failed to shoot the Yeti.
From December, succeeded in crossing the ice corridor from Damodar Yak Cola in the east of Mustang to Rabse Cola to Nar.
2009: April Lantern Lirun North Wall approach road survey and route reconnaissance, followed by Mugu in West Nepal Mountaineering Corps
After the first ascent from the northwestern ridge of Kaptan Peak (5965m) east of the border Namja La, we crossed the route along the border to Torbo for the second time and left for Lake Poxmud at the end of August.
2010: The Tibetan border of the Humurakarnari River, the westernmost Yari village, and all the valleys of Yanshi Cola flowing from the southwest, tried to cross the 5000m-class mountains of Saipardada, but could not find a route.
2011: Far West Nepal (Around Saipal, Southwest of Api, Lower Torbo)
2012: East Nepal (Jarn Glacier Kangchenjunga Glacier, Makalu BC) & West Nepal (Tinmar Gompa)


Koji Mizutani

Representative of the Osaka Mountain Association Japanese Alpine Club (members of the Tokyo Ma Branch and Kansai Branch)
Member of Japan Nepal Association

1957 Joined the Osaka Mountaineering Association 1971 Participated in the Nepal Himalayan Mountaineering Corps of the Osaka Prefecture Mountaineering Federation Kanjiroba Himal Tsuokarupokan First ascent 1977 Kanjiroba Himaru Kanchunne Not climbed 1984 Taiwan, Kusunoki Senkei, Umata-Tamayama first ascent 1995 Lantern Ulkinmann 1998 Kantihimar-Mugu-Simicot 2000 West Nepal Narakankar Climbing 2001 Mustan 6300m Peak First ascent Europe, Tyrol Wildspie (mountain skiing)
2003 Torbo-West Nepal Alnico Chury 2007 Torbo Kantega-Brigandaki-Tour Cola 2009 Mugu Captan-Crossing Torbo-Poxun

Climbing activities at the Osaka Mountaineering Club from 1957 to 2015
1970 Kitadake Buttress Central Ridge 3rd climb in severe winter

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